Brianna Design was first established for the specific purpose of providing independent expertise to assist foreigners with their land and property development needs. The owner has extensive experience leading development projects in New Zealand and Koh Samui.

Once established we realized there was a dire need to be able to provide good quality kitchen and wardrobe products, not just for our own clients, but for the whole of Samui. Hence our expansion into kitchen, wardrobe and furniture products for your home. We have extensive product knowledge, buying power and a vast range of finishes available from our factories. Combine this with our custom design and installation expertise and you’re assured of a great addition to your home every time.

Brianna Design exists for everyone and offers an extensive range of kitchens and furniture items where the quality is always a priority, but the products are available to suit all budgets.

Customers can also receive a free interior design service if desired.

Brianna Design is providing home owners with a unique opportunity offering exceptional designer furniture at affordable prices; kitchens and wardrobes of unparalleled quality and style; interior design advice which is up-to-date, distinctive and innovative; and an all-round service which complements the quality of the products.

We also have a network of trusted specialists to support legal, real estate, design, engineering and building needs.