All of our boards are a class F0 P3 Melamine Faced Chipboard, manufactured with a water repellent, fire resistant structure with no-formaldehyde glues ensuring that your home and environment remains free from contamination. Designed to provide the maximum resistance to water, heat and humidity that is available anywhere in the world. The 1mm ABS edge trim is attached using adhesives that offer the same qualities as our boards. These boards are imported direct from the manufacturer in Europe to our factories for pre-cutting and fabrication.

Hinges are nickel-plated steel and have been tested for more than 200,000 opening and closing cycles. All drawers are from Blum and feature soft closing functions as standard. Stainless steel cabinets are also available for those exposed, or outdoor situations.


We have such a huge selection of finishes available, a visit to our showroom is a must. Let our experienced sales staff assist you in the selection of finishes for your space. Whether it is MFC, acrylic, spray lacquer, solid wood or glass, we can explain the different properties and aspects of each product so you can make an informed decision on what will work best for your special situation.


IPM Samui has a great range of bespoke custom designed kitchens to suit any style and budget.


Wall type kitchens are literally hung from the wall. This can be quite a cost and space saving solution if you’re looking for something to fit into a smaller budget or a smaller kitchen.

As the cabinets for this type of kitchen don’t touch the floor it eliminates the expense of feet and aluminium trims. The cabinets also tend to be shorter in height thus reducing the cost further. Don’t worry about the loss of storage space as IPM Samui will check the designs to ensure they meet your needs before the units are produced.

This style of kitchen also enables you to incorporate stylish under-cabinet lighting which can create an exceptional additional feature.


Standard kitchens are not as plain as the name may suggest. They may be described as standard, but the design possibilities are endless and, as the name may suggest, this is the most common type of kitchen style available.

IPM Samui will design the kitchen to fit the space you have and with a standard design you’re always assured of a cost effective product.


This is currently one of the most popular and attractive options available. ‘Island’ simply refers to an independent cabinet section which is not attached to any walls. Such a cabinet can also double as a breakfast bar which is one of the reasons why this design is so popular.

Whether you wish to use the island as the cooking centre, sink area, or just a place to sit and enjoy a coffee it creates a flexible and attractive addition to any kitchen space.


Designer kitchens are where your dreams and desires can become a reality. IPM Samui will custom design a kitchen to exceed your expectations. Whether it’s curves, layers, colours, or whatever else you may require, our designers will work with you to provide a spectacular bespoke and unique end product.


Work surfaces come in a variety of finishes depending on your requirements and preferences: hard surfaces such as granite or marble; hygienic solutions such as stainless steel or Corian; or cheaper finishes like Formica.


Formica is a brand of composite materials fashioned into a heat-resistant, wipe-clean, plastic laminate with melamine resin. Formica veneers provide hard, durable surfaces.


Polished granite is a popular choice for counter tops due to its high durability and aesthetic qualities. Color variations make this a versatile choice which can match any kitchen style or design.


Stainless steel does not stain, corrode, or rust as easily as ordinary steel and can come in different finishes to suit the style of your kitchen.


Corian is the name commonly associated with a solid surface material. Its primary use is for kitchen worktops and bathroom vanity tops. Solid surface materials are very versatile and can be joined, shaped and finished to create unique work surfaces custom designed to suit the space or your individual style choices.

All thicknesses feature consistent color and patterning throughout the material, as with all solid surfacing materials. This allows scratches, stains and light scorches to be removed more easily. Joints can be made inconspicuous by using an acrylic resin which settles into the joint and is then belt sanded and polished to create the seamless appearance.


Because we have experience dealing with all of the major brands available, let us help you to choose the correct appliance, to best suit your needs. Franke, Gagganeau, Smeg, Siemens, Gorenje, Hafele to name a few. Our team can guide you through the selection process so you can enjoy many years of trouble free cooking from your appliances.


IPM Samui provides a wide range of quality wardrobe systems to suit all circumstances and requirements.


This type of wardrobe system is very adaptable to your ever changing needs. Such wardrobes consist of an aluminium frame which is concealed by a choice of stylish front panels. Inside there’s an adjustable tracking system in place for you to simply clip the shelves, cabinets and hanging rails in and out in any position to suit your needs. This provides a practical, flexible and attractive wardrobe solution. Additional items can be easily added at a later date if you need more drawers or shelving space.


Built-in wardrobes are literally ‘built-in’ to your space. These custom designed wardrobes actually become a fixed feature rather than just a piece of furniture placed in the room. By adding doors, either sliding or opening, the wardrobe can then become a valuable addition to the room and create a useful space in an area which may previously have been unusable.


If you have the space then IPM Samui can provide the perfect wardrobe for you. Walk-in wardrobes are a great way to organize and access all of your clothing and accessories. Having a dedicated walk-in wardrobe means you should have the space to arrange all your items in an easily accessible way and IPM Samui incorporates a custom designed ‘pole’ wardrobe system to perfectly fit your walk-in wardrobe needs.


Whether following with the bedroom colour themes or making an entirely different statement in your bathroom, our products have the durability to keep pace in this moist environment. Wall hung units, standalone cabinets or floating shelves complemented with Corian or Quartz counter to, the choice is yours. We can even add special lighting for effect.



To complete any living environment you need to add the finishing details. Dressing the room and adding the essentials is often where you can really personalise the space and create something which is unique to you and your home.
At IPM Samui you’ll discover a diverse collection of decorative items as well as the essentials such as cutlery sets for the kitchen, lamps, ceramics, placemats and so on. Visit the showroom to check out what items we have available.


Another furniture line available at IPM Samui is in stylish TV cabinets and Book cases. Whether you require a custom designed item or a pre-made unit you’re sure to find exactly what you need.


The correct use of lighting can affect the mood and ambience of a room like nothing else.

IPM Samui offers a variety of LED lighting effects which can help to define the use of the room at different times of the day or night. Whether fitted under cabinets for effect, integrated into work surfaces for practicality or directed at artworks for drama, IPM Samui has the correct LED lighting system, available in a variety of colours, to truly enhance any room.


Our range of LED light shelves are integrated into any cabinet, unit or situation. This simple component can become a significant feature and add to the overall atmosphere of the home. In most cases it will also provide practical lighting in areas where there’s limited natural light or minimal overhead lighting.


By integrating IPM Samui”s light effects into your cabinets or work surfaces you can create a fantastic ambience in any room.
Coloured LED’s can be used to highlight under cabinets, or to emphasize specific features in a home, and will therefore always ensure that your guests notice everything you want them to.